Trematon Capital Investments

who-we-are Trematon Capital Investments Limited is an investment group with a portfolio comprising investments, subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures primarily engaged in the property and gaming industry.

The group operates principally in South Africa, with most of its investments based in the Western Cape. In the past, it has related in some way to property or leisure, but it also engages in investment and trading in listed and unlisted shares that are not specific to any industry. Potential investments are not necessarily limited by industry or geography. The primary aim is to generate superior risk-adjusted long-term returns for shareholders. The largest investments are long term in nature and will yield income or capital growth in an uneven pattern, so earnings can be expected to be volatile from period to period.



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Arnold Shapiro
CEO at Trematon Capital Investments

Trematon’s executive team is relatively small and has an open and informal culture with a tolerance for innovative thinking. Although it is a listed company and has to comply with several regulatory codes we still try to maintain a small company mindset.

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Michael Perloski, iX Session 1 Finance
Intern at Trematon Capital Investment

With Trematon’s complex business model, no two days are the same. One day you could be valuating vacant land, and the next you could be analyzing the costs of running a school. Although projects differ, a normal day includes meetings and a lot of collaboration across different sectors of the business.

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