ARIA Property Group



We are a property management, asset management, and private equity group.

We’re in the business of property. With the flexibility and agility of a private fund coupled with the power of an institutional balance sheet, Aria operates within a dynamic metric of the commercial property market. Focusing on underperforming or underutilized assets, we look to acquire assets that are out of the reach of private equity funds, yet below the threshold of listed funds. We operate in any market conditions, both weak and strong.

Our offering is diverse. We calculate our moves in an unconventional and creative style and structure deals through the following plays:

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(Same office building as Trematon Capital)


Ilan Kaplan
Managing Director at ARIA Property Group

What makes your team unique from other’s in the company?

We are a small and hands on team thus [our] interns will be given insight into all areas of the business. In addition we are very active on the acquisitions side so there will be great live examples to work with.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Great leverage on time, great team, great asset class.

Describe your company culture.

Our company is built upon mutual respect, no egos, flat structure. Our mantra is Traditional Values, Innovative Approach – it defines us.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

They will gain [exceptional] excel skills by working on our ‘near perfect’ valuation model and gain property experience by working on a big transaction we are currently working on.