Fomo Travel



FOMO Travel is a unique lay-buy social savings platform where travel dreams become reality. FOMO Travel gives consumers an easy and cost effective way to get from “we ought to do this” to actually doing it.

We’ve partnered with the best travel agencies in South Africa to put incredible all-inclusive package deals together for keen travelers. Simply select a package from our carefully curated list that fits your budget and departure dates. The longer the term, the lower your payments.

Our aim is to help and guide you to a debt-free, conscience-free holiday. We are making it easier than ever to experience the personal satisfaction and financial rewards that come from saving for specific vacations and leisure getaways.


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Brandon van Niekerk — Chief Financial Officer

What makes your team unique from the others in your company?

We’re a small team, and we come from all over the world. Folks here have lots of different traits, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses. The nice thing about our team is that it’s not a very vertical approach — instead it’s quite horizontal, nobody is really a boss to each other, and everyone is very accountable for their own work. People aren’t motivated to work from boss-down, but instead from the sense of teamwork. I really appreciate that.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Well, everything! So I’m originally a finance guy, but right now I’m very into people operations and hiring and helping people on this team succeed, and that’s what I’m really enjoying here. There are new problems every day, and different types of problem solving, and it’s very cool to get to work on a variety of stuff day in and out.

Can you describe your company culture?

Like I said, we have a very team-centric approach — nobody is a boss to each other. And also people tend to come in early and work hard because, I think, we really like to work with each other. We are super collaborative, people here really care about our projects and enjoy working with each other and it creates a really solid family.

What do you hope interns will get out of this experience?

Luckily, interns will be a part of the accelerator program, which will give them exposure to a startup at a really high-growth and intense period of time. I think that’s pretty awesome and unique. We’re in an intense stage in our company’s development, so that will give them an opportunity for some serious personal growth. I know they’ll get exposed to real business problems and then actually have to use what they know to help out.

What’s your story?

I’m a BS in Engineering who went in to marketing, then went in to investments, then went in to financial planning, then got involved with fin-tech. So I like to experience a bit of everything.