Edge Growth

who-we-are Edge Growth is an Enterprise and Supplier Development (“ESD”) specialist firm, providing an end-to-end holistic ESD solution. We are passionate about leaving a legacy and believe that in South Africa, job creation is the most powerful way to transform the social injustices caused by the lack of skills, education and jobs.

Connecting lands, people, cultures, communities, nations, the world, today bridges are recognised universally as symbols for closing limiting gaps, overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, repairing broken down communications and relationships – bridges provide the critical links to reaching points that previously appeared inaccessible.

Like bridges, Edge Growth’s Enterprise Development solutions close the gap – between corporates and SMEs, business strategy and good corporate citizenship, BEE points and the bottom line, an unstable past and a sustainable future, investment and impact, high potential enterprises and growth finance, the formal and informal sectors, economic development and job creation.

Established and run by a team of highly qualified business experts committed to change, Edge Growth provides the strategic knowledge, management guidance, operational tools and financial support that inexperienced entrepreneurs need to overcome growth obstacles and succeed (“reach the other side”) in the long term.



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Greg Macfarlane
Investment Officer at Edge Growth

I think if I were to single out the aspect which I enjoy the most about my job would be the depth of exposure which we get to such a broad range of businesses. Through the Fund we have invested in business ranging from high growth technology ventures to stock brokers to building contractors, each of which we get the opportunity in understand in depth through both the course of our due diligence as well as through our post investment support.

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Alvaro Perez, iX Session 1 Financ
Intern at Edge Growth

I enjoy the sense of responsibility that Edge Growth has given me. I feel the recommendations I give and the work I make is making a real impact in the companies that we are consulting and investing on. The tasks we were given are of utmost importance for the company and the work we are doing is really interesting and similar to the one learned in class.

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