RBG Applications


Specializing in IoT, Enterprise and Social cloud-based software development, based in Cape Town. We love to innovate.




We have specialized teams focusing on native Android, iOS and hybrid mobile development.



We love the cloud. We have experienced public, private and hybrid cloud solutions. Anything from simple Heroku to complex Amazon Web Services implementations.



Complex business processes turned into simple, end-to-end enterprise software solutions.

Game design and development

Internet of Things

We love things. We love building things more.


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Mikael von Ketelhodt
Technical Lead at RBG Applications

The one thing that makes us unique is that we are a UX and UI agency only – we don’t do any development here. We only focus what we enjoy – UX and front end development. The benefit of that is we get to only do design-focused projects at fast-paste. We work with CEOs [and managers to build] exciting projects. Almost every single meeting we have is with a visionary [who] is building a product that is solving a specific need in the industry.

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Justin Gasta, iX Session 1 iOS
Intern at RBG Applications

The thing I enjoy most about my internship is the amount of impact I have. The app that I am building will be used commercially soon after its finished to solve a problem here in South Africa, and it makes me happy to know that my work will positively affect the people around me. Building an app is a huge responsibly, but I love the work. So far, I have learned a lot about the structure of networking and API calls in swift, as well as how to parse JSON responses. Additionally, I have gained a lot of experience with writing clean, efficient code that is appropriate for a commercial setting.

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