(Previously MB Vermeer)


Vermeer is the only global marketing consultancy focused on unleashing purpose-led growth through the development and embedding of consumer insight-led marketing strategy, structure and capability.

We provide solutions to strategic marketing challenges, rooting our approach in consumer research, stakeholder understanding and financial analysis. We tie insights to dollars, the only universally accepted language of business. Our whole-brain thinking brings an intrinsically multi-lens and practical approach to all our work.

Beyond our cutting-edge client work, we are proud of the thought leadership we deliver to change the conversation in business: Our Marketing2020 study is the most global and comprehensive CMO research program in the market Our annual global BrandZ™ brand valuation ranking is the market benchmark for determining the most valuable brands in the world.


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Dennis van den Berg
Senior Consultant at Vermeer

What makes your team unique from the others in your company?

What makes our Africa Middle East team (based in Cape Town) unique is that we are a recent addition to the business, a young and very energetic team drawing on a lot of our international experience. With having been started two years ago we are very fresh and have the opportunity to pave our way to success in Africa. With our entrepreneurial spirit we are rapidly growing, and every individual is essential to making this happen. All our people have opportunities to grow very fast and are provided with responsibilities within and outside projects to fast-track their growth paths. Furthermore with being such a young and fresh team it is a very lively and energetic environment in which we operate.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I enjoy most refers as well to the previous question. I have the opportunity to work on amazing projects with massive impact, with very high level clients (often board or below), with the biggest brands in the world. And to do that with such a dynamic team is challenging but very inspiring.

What does your position entail you to spend your day doing?

The days differ. My weeks contain a combination of travel within and outside South Africa, running workshops and meetings with clients (in our company we often work multiple clients at the same time), and working with our team to create and unpack client solutions. So yes, of course I work a lot on my laptop, but I spend a lot of time in face-to-face interactions with different audiences.

What’s your story?

I have a background in Business Studies, at the University of Amsterdam and partly the University of New South Wales in Sydney. I have specialised in Marketing and Strategy and those fields have always interested me. So after studies and internships I decided to move into Consulting. At first as a Management Consultant within Accenture. A beautiful company that taught me an incredible amount. But when the opportunity arose after a few years to work for Vermeer, and focus on Marketing Strategy Consulting specifically for some of the most amazing brands in the world, it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on. I started in our Amsterdam office but moved to South Africa over a year ago to help solidify and further develop our Africa Middle East business.