Ker & Downey Africa


Luxury African Safaris and Travel Experts.

Ker & Downey Africa is a pioneering African Safari company steeped in history. Because we know Africa, and we get to know you, we tailor-make African safaris that are authentic and truly unforgettable. After listening to what you want we help plan every moment of your trip from charter flights and luxury lodges to candle-lit dinners and cultural
 excursions, whilst giving you the freedom 
to explore by yourself and find your own surprising moments along the way.

We have a young, highly skilled team, able to develop industry-leading systems, while maintaining a focus on client relations and support.

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Nicholas Wright
Marketing Manager at Ker & Downey Africa

What makes your team unique from other’s in the company?

Our focus is primarily on marketing. We bring a special mix of creativity and data analysis to provide the right message to the right audience at the right time.

The second main difference is that the detail of our work is seen by the greater audience, and so our work has a high standard requirement.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Building a brand we believe in, that allows people to see a continent that we love. Seeing the results of effective data analysis and strategic insight applied to every aspect of communication.

Describe your company culture.

Our company culture is one of authenticity, transparency, dynamism and belief. We have a culture of hard work and going the extra mile, with a strong focus on people.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

I hope they’ll learn something, I hope that they’ll generate a new way of thinking of things that may have seemed really standard or textbook in the past. I hope they’ll be better geared to disrupting the industries they enter when they go back home and begin their own careers. I hope they’ll be inspired to change the world.

What’s your mini bio?

I am the Marketing Manager at Ker & Downey Africa. I believe in hard work, accurate reporting and strategic one-to-one marketing. I’m an avid outdoorsman and traveller and I love to inspire those around me. Learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile.



Ryan Ptak, iX Session 1 Consulting
Intern at Ker & Downey Africa

My favorite part about working at Ker & Downey Africa is the company culture and values. Each client or potential lead that the company faces is treated with the utmost respect. It is very rewarding to see how pleased the clients are after traveling with Ker & Downey Africa. I can already see that the work that I have put in is making a difference, and this only motivates me to work even harder in the future.

No two days [here] have been exactly the same. Whether we are sitting in on board meetings, working with the marketing team, analyzing past client data to create significant company recommendations, or serving the homeless on Nelson Mandela day, we have never had a dull moment. At lunch time, it is always fun to see some of our friends working at other companies and meet up with them on Long St. for a delicious meal.

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