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Nii Bruce
Manager at CarZar

What makes your team unique from other’s in the company?

My team (the company) are a bunch of highly execution-driven individuals, with probably the most nationally diverse as well, represented by 5 nationalities! Collectively we all take part in the design process of our website and product and I think it’s pretty cool to be at a company this early to have that much influence in what goes into the design.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The variety of responsibilities would be number 1. It’s never monotonous. Secondly the work environment, which is pretty informal and chilled. Everyone is easy going and friendly. Plus we have a stocked beer bar and a bunch of games lying around for when you need take a break.

Describe your company culture.

Driven, chilled, informal, ambitious, proactive, results-oriented.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

First I hope you LEARN. A new job will always take you slightly out of you comfort zone so you must be happy and willing to learn and adapt very quickly.

What’s your mini bio?

Originally from Ghana; masters in Electronic and Computer Engineering; ex-Rocket Internet. Experience in business intelligence, telecoms and research. Social interests: teaching kids maths and science. Academic interests: dynamic systems, computation, complex systems. Musical (play about 3 instruments), occasionally salsa, love flight games and wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force growing up. 🙂


Virginia Walker, iX Session 1 Consulting
Intern at CarZar

So far, I’ve learned how to choose thoughtful KPIs and I’m learning about the different data exploration and visualization platforms that are available to help make the KPI dashboard.  CarZar is a very young company so it will be interesting to interpret the data (once we compile it all) to see in which areas the company can improve and in which areas it is already performing well.  I am learning so much from my mentor, Nii, as well.  He is scarily smart and I’ve learned so much just from our daily chats and observing him work.

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