H1 Holdings


We improve the quality of lives by producing cleaner energy.

H1 Holdings is a wholly black-owned and managed company based in South Africa. Our business focus is on the power sector. We believe that the potential for this sector to improve people’s lives is significant and far-reaching. In order to best achieve our purpose, we develop, invest in and operate power projects.


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Janine Tilley
Project Manager at H1 Holdings

What makes your team unique from other’s in the company?

H1 Holdings is a small company, most days in the office there is only Janine Tilley the Project Manager, the Administrator Unathi Mashiyana and our Book Keeper Semantha du Plessis. Our MD Reyburn Hendricks is in the office most of the week but is mostly out at meetings. We have an FM who is only in the office on Monday mornings and a Head of Business Development who works from Johannesburg. What makes our company unique and functional is that we follow the Scaling Up Gazelles methodology of strategy and place emphasis on our values: We are Engaged, we are Curious and we are Responsible. We learn continuously and perform multiple roles in order to keep our small company moving along quickly and accurately.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The excellent coffee, safe parking and free healthy lunch! Also other perks like flexitime and the fact that we are given the right hardware and software to do our jobs properly. H1 has strong ethics, works with transparency and our MD is inspirational and an excellent leader. I am trusted to make most decisions and have free reign over most of my projects. I am training a young woman (our ex-intern, now Administrator Unathi Mashiyana) to be a Communications Co-ordinator and a Project Administrator. I enjoy working with interns.

Describe your company culture.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of lives by producing cleaner energy. We are Engaged: We dig deep into the details and are prepared to get our hands dirty. We are Curious: We always look for a better way and question things so we can understand and learn. We are Responsible: We have a shared responsibility to treat the earth carefully. Our clients entrust us with important parts of their businesses. We take this seriously. We give and expect the best of our colleagues.

What do you hope your interns will get out of this experience?

Understanding the Scaling Up Gazelles methodology in terms of strategy and company values is valuable. We are a small company that is growing very quickly. We have daily morning meetings and weekly meetings which are a functional rhythm to experience and understand the value of. The interns will get exposed to a wide range of expertise: Communications; Project Management, Business Development; Pipeline Management; Raising Finance for energy projects; how to conduct research in African countries such as Malawi; understanding the bank system in South Africa and working familiarity with Slack and PipeDrive. Learning negotiation skills from our MD Reyburn Hendricks, especially verbal negotiation will be good experience for the interns.

What’s your mini bio?

I am 40 years old with a six year old, four high-energy dogs and I live in Muizenberg. I started my career in film and TV in 1994 and moved to producing television for non-profits from 2002. I have project managed large scale long term regional projects for The Global Fund; UKAID; USAID and other funders. I joined H1 [Holdings] in 2013 to learn about business and am managing communications and marketing for H1 and our partner company Vuselela Energy. You can read more about the H1 team here. You can also visit my LinkedIn page here, as well as my personal website here.