Raw Catering Co.



RAW Catering Co. was conceptualized in Cape Town many years ago but it was not until our Director, Trenton Devine, returned home from overseas that we saw the catering potential in the local Cape Town market.

As a start-up company we saw a niche in the market for healthy catering and more specifically healthy contract catering for office canteens and outsourced healthy business catering. We are a Catering Co. that services the needs of business staff during the day and strive to create a canteen menu in business establishments that leaves staff feeling energized and upbeat after every meal.

We use our knowledge of produce and the expertise of our team of talented chefs as we also service the needs for upmarket private functions and events catering.

We are committed to healthy food and quality ingredients as we supply our clients with onsite and events options that supply them with the variety they deserve in maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst experiencing a touch of finess.


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Trent Devine
Managing Director at Raw Catering Co.

Our company primarily focuses on revolutionizing the way people eat at work – there’s a big slump after lunch and breakfast, people come into the office, [making their decisions] by price and don’t have access to healthy food – there’s a big gap in the market because of that, [and that’s where RAW comes in].

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Eden Mekonnen, iX Session 1 Web Dev
Intern at Raw Catering Co.

I’m in the process of making the loyalty app. We just made paper copies of it that we’re going to use and give out to members and see how that goes before actually launching the app. It was a great idea that Salo Serfati, a fellow iXer, gave me.

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