DataProphet is the market leader in predictive analytics. We use advanced machine learning algorithms to help you make or save money using your data.

DataProphet provides consulting and product development services to a myriad of industries from finance to legal. As machine learning specialists we are comprised of a diverse team of skilled computer scientists, statisticians, actuaries, engineers and mathematicians that are poised to deliver something which has previously been unavailable to entities smaller than a nation-state – actionable artificial intelligence solutions.





IMG_9114Frans Cronje, Founder of DataProphet

What makes our company unique when compared to teams performing a similar capability in other companies is that we place more emphasis on the algorithmic and theoretical knowledge. Practically, while SQL and other database management skills are necessary, those skills are assumed rather than celebrated, whereas implementing a bleeding edge version of XGBoost or having a new insight into an algorithm is celebrated.

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Yash Tekriwal, iX Session 1 Data Science, intern at DataProphet

We walked in on the first day, were given the company card, and told to go out around Cape Town to source parts for this machine that would be critical in determining whether or not our mind-controlled wheelchair would be able to work. That’s a lot of trust. While we may not have actually touched “data science” yet, just watching the people around us has been wildly insightful, and we’ve gotten that kind of varied exposure I was talking about earlier.

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