Silvertree Capital


We’re a business builder and investor for the African market, merging old and new economy business models.

Our focus industries are online/mobile with clear revenue model; B2C e-commerce; price comparison for goods and services; and professional services using our capabilities at scale. We focus on execution, using our track record in e-commerce and deep knowledge of Africa. We like business models that are simple or proven, with clear revenue streams, that take advantage of the mobile and Internet future, and that target growing markets and industries.

We view and filter possible investments using three lenses:

  • Does it match one of our target industry groupings?
  • Where we hold less than full equity, is our role one where we can ensure successful execution?
  • Does it have the features of business models which win?



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Peter Allerstorfer
Founding Partner at Silvertree Capital

I think we have a very hands on approach which is quite unique [and] not like a big corporate. Decision-making is fast. For the interns they’re working in an entrepreneurial environment so even though they’re here for a short period of time, they can [have] impact.

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Michael Dessau, iX Session 1 Finance
Intern at Silvertree Capital

The two most enjoyable parts of the internship are the people I work with and the projects I work on. I intern with five other iXperience interns and we usually grab lunch together every day for an hour which is a nice break from the office.

The project I was staffed on was building an Excel model to project and consolidate the financial statements for all 17 subsidiary companies. I work on this project with Michael Lusco, and would say we’re about halfway through with it. Our model not only incorporates historical data for all companies, but also projects the data, consolidates the data by vertical within the Silvertree, and consolidates the data into a single sheet with all Silvertree’s holdings. The model furthermore provides a multiple graphs and can be viewed on a year by year or month by month basis. The final aspect that has been built in allows the company to pull directly from the model for shareholder reports and provides breakdowns of data over the previous 4 months, compares those with previous forecasts, and forecasts data for the next two month.

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