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Pendulum Advisors provides detailed investment analysis and due diligence for individual client’s needs, both on publicly owned as well as privately owned companies. Our research is tailored to investors’ individual needs, with a focus on consumer-related industries. We prefer to shy away from Commodities and related, including the Oil and Energy sectors.

Our due diligence is focused on understanding businesses’ economic competitive advantages, the industry cycle in which the company is operating and the capital cycle of the industry. We then focus on the earning power value and the replacement value of the asset base. From there on, we try and establish if, in the case of public equity, there is a margin of safety and if clients should consider these companies for their portfolios.
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James Campbell
Equity Analyst at Pendulum Advisors,

Understanding businesses is the fun part – someone would come in with an idea and we would try to understand what they do and the challenges that will happen. Learning about different businesses models is what I enjoy.



Bryan Windsor, iX Session 1 Finance
Intern at Pendulum Advisors

What I love most about the internship is the amount of responsibility that I am given, as my research is actually molding the companies investing ideas. I am researching investment opportunities in the crypto-currency marketplace, which I really enjoy having a thorough exposure to, as blockchain is thought to be the future of finance.

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