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Heini Booysen
Co-Founder & COO at OrderIn

What I love the most [about this job] is seeing the company grow, but also seeing the people grow. We wanted to created the right culture from the beginning – we want people to feel empowered, grow by themselves.

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Chris Motz, iX Session 1 iOS Dev
Intern at OrderIn

OrderIn, at nearly 3 years old, still feels and runs very much like a startup, which creates a particularly unique experience for my personal and professional development. In the absence of the typical corporate hierarchy, I have much more autonomy in the projects I choose to work on. If I think of something cool that I believe will add value to the company, I can pursue it and see if it works. With this ability to test my ideas in real time, my goal at OrderIn is to learn as much as I can about the food delivery industry and think of creative ways I can improve their business model and delivery network.

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