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Lightswitch loves everything tech and is made up of developers and creatives who are passionate about what they do. Our focuses include eCommerce, eLearning and always trying to make a social impact in what we do. Our fun environment and friendly employees make for an awesome work experience and we are happy to help with any and all of your tech needs.


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Rachel Kleinsmith
Human Development at Lightswitch Solutions

I joined Lightswitch two and a half years ago (when we were still working from a garage) as their office manager, but as the company grew I moved into the Human Development role. I was given the freedom to develop the role into what I wanted it to be, and continue to add to what I feel is important for the people who work for us and our organization as a whole. I enjoy the fact the everyday I want to come to work because I’m working with people I call friends. That and the fact that no two days are the same.



Allison Rogge, iX Session 1 Web Dev
Intern at Lightswitch Solutions

So far, the staff at Lightswitch has been really nice, and we love Rachel, the head of Human Development. She took us for coffee yesterday to check in and this Friday there’s an event for us to get drinks and hang out with the staff. There are dogs in the office, which is fun, and there is even a coder who is also 19 who works for them full time!

I’m most excited about our project, which is to develop an app that allows the majority of the South African workforce, who don’t have wifi at home, to complete compliance training offline. We have been given this huge project and I’ve already dived into legislation around health and safety in South Africa, and also have started learning a new framework that the app is going to be built on. It’s been busy, but I’m excited!

What’s also cool is this project has a humanitarian mission and was drafted by the CEO of the company, so it’s awesome to get to work under him directly.