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Our unique competence is based on our people-driven approach to online learning, coupled with our ability to offer a full-service, turnkey online education solution for our valued University partners.


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John Hill
CIO at GetSmarter

It’s about self-direction and self-management. We as a team understand our objectives but it [comes] down to the individuals. The best part of my job is [that] I choose what I do on a daily basis and outside of that, provide the same opportunity for everyone else. I’m not interested in the number of hours you’re sitting down at your desk, I’m interested in the outcome.

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Connor Lawless, iX Session 1 Data Science
Intern at  GetSmarter

We usually come into the office around 9am, grab a snack or breakfast at our in-house cafeteria then head over to our desks. We grind away at our projects throughout the morning, sometimes broken up by meetings either with our boss, the team or other groups within GetSmarter. We usually grab a healthy lunch from the cafeteria, work on our some project some more than wrap up the day with a check-in with our boss.

I love that the work we’re doing is going to have actual impact within the organization. We’re not just taking over the menial day-to-day chores, we’re working on a project that’ll not only be presented to multiple groups within GetSmarter but also maybe an external stakeholder!

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